Adopt These!

by Adoptees



released September 2, 2015

All music and lyrics by Eric Rosenfeld.
Performed by Adoptees.
Produced by Eric Rosenfeld.
Recorded and mixed by Charel Stoltz.
Mastered by Gavin Murphy.



all rights reserved


Adoptees Luxembourg

Ben's band split up so he convinced Eric to start a new one. Seb joined a week and Jeff a year later. Albin replaced Jeff. Giordano replaced Seb.

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Track Name: Club Owners
They charge me a dollar a minute to talk to you on the phone, in a sleeping bag, in the back of the van but the sound of your voice is priceless. It took years to get here and it seems to take years to get back to you. It means the world to hear you laugh. I know I'll always jump back in the van but right now it's not hard to choose between you, my love and club owners that rip us off. So I'm lonely with my friends around.
Track Name: The Craving
I woke up late in the afternoon, feeling like I’m going to die soon. Sweaty and nauseous and no clue if what you tell me is true. I put the phone down and feel bad about myself. Someday I’ll surely drown if I don’t put the liquor on the shelf. I get up and can hardly walk and I won’t even try to talk. I throw up in the bathroom sink and after all this I crave another drink. I’m falling down.
Track Name: So Sorry (For Ourselves)
No, I won't call, I'll watch you fall and I'll be gone before you know it. Sorry for myself. I know you and you know me and we both know we're not supposed to be sorry for ourselves because this is just a break up. Our number's up, we've had enough, before it gets ugly, could we stop feeling sorry for ourselves? And I guess this time I've had enough of not having a common ground so I no longer want you around to tell me how you've planned the rest of our lives. I'm sick of all the things you do and the things you said were hardly true. I'm no longer going to be a slave for you.
Track Name: Noon Mark
I took the train and could only think about you. It really feels so good to be alive. I’m never going to leave you there again. Who would want to leave when they feel safe? I’m lucky to know you’re there waiting for me and I don’t want to change a thing about you. You’re perfect in every way and you almost feel too good to be true. I can see you’re having fun. You look more beautiful than the sun. I close my eyes and I can only dream about you and what a sweet dream you are to me. I never want to sleep alone again. I need your hand to help me through the day. I’d give it all up to be naked and in your arms, we’ll kiss and be as free as one can be. You’re gorgeous and I’m a mess but I could change for you if you’d want me to. Someday your smile could change the world.
Track Name: What Great Sights
I guess it must be about time to wake up because the sun went to sleep and the sky is starless and black. It's the time when all of us sleepless creatures roam the streets with plans to kill another night. We're enemies of the light and this time we'll get it right, a promise we swore to keep. We mean it, they don't know a thing about compassion. And in the dead of night we feel most all right. Oh what great sights! We know where we belong and all we have is this song.
Track Name: Remembered
Relatives gather in a windowless waiting room. Inside these concrete walls lives the smell of hospitals. Mourning and deeply saddened, yet somehow intrigued, we wait for anything at all. Angry at tradition for showing us what we look like when we’re scattered in a place of our choosing. I want to go the same way but that’s not how I want to be remembered. An experience we could have lived without. Relatives gather around a table in the living room. Inside these cozy walls lives the sound of after-thoughts.
Track Name: The Lake
I stood alone, smoking by the lake. I still had time until practice and I was well on my way. So I stood and thought about how great this feels. About how great all of this feels. I got swept off my feet by the beauty of a lake. I try to hold still so I can breathe it in. Inspiration is everywhere around here and I’m inspired, no longer tired. I woke up to something real and I can’t express how good it made me feel. I guess this one wrote itself and made me feel good about myself. After a bunch of songs I finally realize that I want to go back to where I was before. Some peace and quiet made me want to live again. I’ll invite some friends to my special place so we can have some fun and feel good about ourselves. There’s enough beauty here for everyone. It’s beautiful, so beautiful. We woke up to something real and we can’t express how good it made us feel. I guess this one wrote itself and made us feel good about ourselves. We feel so good when the sun shines on our heads. It makes us feel good about ourselves.
Track Name: A Friend To Worry About You
I want to know why I keep doing this. Will it ever end? It's all very exciting but I guess I really need a friend to tell me to go on and do what I do best. I'm not sure if I can say, I hope it never ends. Why am I so stressed? I don't have to know, I guess I'm a bit obsessed but it's not so exciting anymore if you don't have a friend to worry about you when you act all crazy and depressed, when you're about to tell him you hope it never ends. I don't want to tell you all about me because you don't need to know and you don't want to be a part of this.
Track Name: Disappearing Acts
You act so tough yet you're so little and you think you own the night. When has your heart become so brittle? You think you've seen the light. Do you really think when you come around you naturally own this fucking town? I don't think you really understand that nobody here wants you around. You’re everybody’s hardest critic but we won’t give up without a fight. And all the minds you’ve tried to cripple will come back to haunt your nights.
Track Name: Died In A Hospital
Death has stained walls once so white. It's not the place where we learn to fight. Men in white are hardly right. All you learn is to follow the light. Here we learn to die and there's a good reason why my grandfather died in a hospital. We hold still, they must be right. We let them feed us and close our eyes. This awful smell just can’t be right. We know we won’t live through another night.
Track Name: Less Content
This conversation is over. Crushed under your land rover. It’s got to be the end. Are we still feeling clever? I guess it's now or never. It’s got to be the end of our bond when we communicate with less content. This conversation is over. There's nothing left to live for. When there are fewer words, there's more conversation.
Track Name: Mayfly
You cut off my hands and feet and feed them to your cats. You roll off the skin from my face so you won’t see me cringe. You rip my tongue out and I never even tried to lie to you. You crush my vocal chords and I never even tried to talk back. You cut off my arms and legs and tie the rest of my body to your bed and I would never try to move from your side, I just feel a little exposed. You do not clean the sheets no more. I shit and piss myself only so you can embarrass me in front of all your friends.