Don't Belong

by Adoptees



released May 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Adoptees Luxembourg

Ben's band split up so he convinced Eric to start a new one. Seb joined a week and Jeff a year later. Albin replaced Jeff. Giordano replaced Seb.

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Track Name: Dry Mouth
No sanctuary for her tonight. A couple months and she might lose the fight. With her friends gone, everyone's a stranger. She's too fucked up to see that she's in danger. She doesn't know where she is going to go. She's on amphetamine and knows how to steal a prescription. All alone in the streets again, a song in her head is her only friend. A few cars pass and a few cars stop, one might be a lover and one might be a cop.
Track Name: Don't Belong
It's no fun to wake up like this, it feels like a heart attack. I spend my days liquored up and sometimes I give a fuck. The sheets are drenched in sweat, another panic attack. I feel I want to kill myself because this is no way to live. And if I lose my identity, at least no one here can bother me. And I don't want to belong. I feel like giving up every day that I wake up. There's no more love to give when there's no love for you. You were so good for me; I need your helping hand. I can't even kill myself because that's no way to die. Now is there something more? There must be something more.
Track Name: Waking Up Knowing There's No Tomorrow
I woke up late feeling my head's about to burst. I'm feeling like I never want to wake up again. To clear my head, I decide to go for a walk. Am I just feeling sorry for myself again? I wake up knowing tomorrow won't have any fair sights to show. I woke up late and again I feel I'm trapped in bed and it looks like it might go up in flames. I decide I don't want any part in this so I don't really mind it all goes up in smoke.
Track Name: As Pleased As Fuck
You're cracking up, so laugh it up. You know I'm going to fuck it up. I never had a chance with you and I guess I'll never see this through but someday I will find a way to make everything ok but for now I will be the one that you've grown to hate.