Film Strips

by Adoptees



released August 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Adoptees Luxembourg

Ben's band split up so he convinced Eric to start a new one. Seb joined a week and Jeff a year later. Albin replaced Jeff. Giordano replaced Seb.

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Track Name: Film Strips
Who said we would not take care of each other and what gave them the right to redefine? Everyone you love is right for you and I won't let them tell me different. It's our beheading, so maybe we should use it before we lose it. All these foul tongues and grinding teeth make it hard enough to walk through life with your hand in mine and our hearts combined. Your film strips take us to lonely places so we've decided to burn them on our way. Hollywood must be a very dark place.
Track Name: Something I Can Never Be
I don't want to know and I don't really care why you feel so low. I guess I'll just stare. Swallow your own shit. I can't take no more. It wasn't me who quit. It was your throat that got sore. Pull yourself up again, I know you need a friend and I want you to see that's something I can never be. We were lovers, can never be friends. I still love you and don't believe in trends. I've hurt you and you've hurt me. Why don't we try to fix something that feels so true? Why do you feel so low?
Track Name: Can't Stop Writing
So, I wake up every morning with the need to write a song about my personal politics. I'm hungry for words. I can never stop because this is all I want to do. Another song, another shot. I need to have my fix. I can't stop writing.